Congrats to Broken Nose Theatre and their production of At The Table, which took home Jeff Awards for Best Production of a Play, Best Ensemble, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress in a Play!  So excited for them! Catch them when they remount the show beginning at the end of the month at the Den Theatre!


Another Table...

Thrilled to announce that the fantastic Chicago production of At The Table will be remounted this summer at The Den Theatre!

Tickets are already available Here!

If you're in Chicago this summer, do yourself a favor and get tickets now before they sell out!


A Shift In Perspective

Last year, I was honored to be invited back to Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs to direct a production of From White Plains but with a twist - one of the characters would be played by a woman.  I was delighted by this challenge, and since we were lucky enough to have the writer in the room - me - I took the opportunity to do a few rewrites.  I was really thrilled with what we created, and the different perspective it gave on the play was pretty thrilling to see.  So I'm happy to say that there is a new version of this play available to license if you're interested in adding a female perspective to the mix.  The script itself is not yet available through DPS - though we're hoping it will be - but if you're interested contact my agents and let them know!  Their info is on the "Contact" page.


Back At The Table

This past weekend I got the chance to go to Chicago and see Broken Nose Theatre Company's wonderful production of At The Table.  I had the great opportunity to join them for a few days in December to make some rewrites in response to the new times we live in, and they're doing a wonderful job bringing it to life.

The critics are agreeing, which is very exciting.  Here are some of them!

Chicago Tribune

Time Out

New City Stage

Picture This

Chicago Splash

Ada Grey 

Thrilled for Broken Nose and for the play that it's getting such a great reception! If you're in Chicago, go see it!


Out and About...

What an amazing few days at Outfest!!  Saw some phenomenal movies, met incredible people, and got to see a section of the screenplay of From White Plains performed by Thomas Dekker, Justin Deeley, Vanessa Waters Kassir and Michael Varrati, directed by Gary Entin.  These actors were so fantastic, and Gary did such a wonderful job with them - it was a gift to the audience to watch them go on Dennis and Ethan's journey.

Can't wait to see what happens with From White Plains, as well as the screenplays from my fellow Fellows - Michael Patrick Spillers, Joanna Benecke, Bretten Hannam and Eliza Lee!